Adulting, and loving it.


I, contrary to what many of the millennial friends express, love being an adult. I love paying bills: the balancing of accounts, the realization that I have enough spare money in my account to have a drink out with my friends at least twice this paycheck. I love setting my alarm, even if the result is less than desirable (however, this isn’t a result of being an adult, but rather just of being a human). I love going to my job and working hard for my money; and then spending it in one go on textbooks that do my brain in.

I love grocery shopping, watering my plants, cleaning my flat, scrubbing my burnt dinner off the pan. I love being able to say no when my friends ask me to go out, without having to feel guilty. I love balancing my needs with wants.

I’m not sure when it became a fad to not like being an adult. When I log into facebook in the morning, there is always some photo or another displaying my friend ‘almost adulting’. Becoming an adult is not an evolution in life. You don’t wake up one morning to realize you finally fucked up enough times, finally learned your lesson, that you’re an adult.

No, I think it’s something that happens to a person, that they get to live with. You either keep up, or you don’t. Do. Or do not. 

Maybe this is because I never really ‘liked’ being a teenager. All that angst; all that eyeliner! I mean, those were emotionally rough years. And I still have those days when I sit in bed and cry, but I don’t have to explain them.

Off the top of my head, I can think of so many reasons why being an adult is awesome:

-a social life by your own rules;

-buying clothes you actually enjoy, whether or not these happen to be ‘in’;

-staying up as late as you want (and better: going to bed as early as possible);

-designing your own flat;

-brunch. Every day if you want;

-whatever you want for breakfast (even if you’re going for brunch);

-being able to see who you want, when you want;

-music. Listening to whatever you want;


-becoming cultured, in some form or another;

-obligations, and learning to love them;

-having a 32 hour day, smelling like you had a 32 hour day, and having actually accomplished things;

-being a functioning part of society;

-devoting hours to cleaning the flat so you can skip a few days of picking up after yourself;

-fewer lectures (forgiving the fact I spend roughly 25 hours a week in a lecture hall);

-expensive coffee and instant coffee;

-savings accounts;

And, I think, most importantly: having the freedom to change who you are, and becoming who you want to be.

Yeah, being an adult can be challenging, but that’s just part of the fun!

So to all the friends I love dearly, but can’t see the beauty of being an adult: buck up.



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